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  "There was quite a bit of skin
improvement, in texture, it's
smoother, pore size is smaller
the skin is just tighter."

INFINIskin patient


Patient of Dr. Guy Cappuccino, Mount Airy, MD

"I would like to bear witness to the extraordinary results I received from treatments with INFINI. I had severe cystic acne when I was 20 and it was concentrated on my lower checks and chin area. I am now 52 and as I aged, so did my acne scars. It brought me just as much angst to look at my face now as it did when I had acne. I researched many options for help in getting rid of the scars and was lucky enough to find Dr. Cappucino, a revered plastic surgeon who had just begun using INFINI in his practice. I was particularly encouraged that it did not involve surgery, but three one hour visits three months apart with no real downtime. I did have quite a bit of redness in the area for about 10 days in lieu of the 3 to 4 days of most patients of INFINI. However, I was easily able to hide the redness with makeup. And, I'm inclined to think that because I was so red, it actually meant that the treatments would work as well as it did. For the short time invested compared to the amazing results, can't praise INFINI enough!"


19 Dec 2016 - 3 months post

Skin looks fabulous after my two procedures. I'm 70 years old and look like I'm 50! It's non surgical with only one day of downtime. Would highly recommend to any one, man or woman over 50. Everyone in her office was professional and caring. Procedure took two hours total with minor pain and returned to work the next day.

17 Nov 2016

I've had 3 treatments since July. Each time the result is better than the last. Dr. Halaas and Hazel have made the treatments painless. Hazel monitored my "pre-procedure prep" and the "after-care" like a mother hen.
My face and neck look amazing. My skin is brighter, firmer and looks healthy. The crows feet are gone! The saggy "chicken skin" on my neck is gone. The big deep smile lines are greatly reduced. The 'jowl' on the side of my mouth is so small -sometimes I dont know its there.
My friends think I look 10 yrs younger. Its made an exciting difference in my life. I feel younger, my smile is much bigger and with my new found self-confidence, I am really enjoying my life.

11 Jun 2016

I had an Infini RF skin tightening treatment and felt like my face and neck were very tight afterwards. No downtime, put some tinted moisturizer on after about an hour past treatment and went out. Next day also put the tinted moisturizer and felt tight still! People were saying the redness was so minimal they wouldn't notice unless I pointed it out to them.

30 Apr 2016

I went for my first treatment on Friday, April 29th -- they evaluated my skin and set up a skin care regiment that would compliment my Infini Rf treatment and help improve my results. After the numbing cream was applied and set for about an hour we began the treatment -- overall it was about an hour and a half (because of my acne scaring I needed a more aggressive treatment). The procedure was a little uncomfortable, but I wouldn't say "painful" -- Julie made the experience wonderful as Dr. Barone checked in numerous times to make sure I was comfortable and to review our progress. The following day I am a little swollen and red, but if I didn't look in the mirror I'd never know I had a treatment done! I am anxious to go back for my next visit and cannot wait to see the incredible results I know are near in the future!




Anti-Aging Treatment




Infini Neck and Jawline Contouring




(Better Texture, Smoother, Smaller Pore Size, Tighter Skin)*




Visible improvement in Acne Scarring*



Innovator In Its Field

Melanie Palm, MD
International Advisor on Laser Technologies
Founding Director, Art of Skin MD
Solana Beach, USA


"Finally! A Radiofrequency System That Makes Sense: The Infini From Lutronic"
"The energy can be precisely delivered down to the required level in the dermis with more accuracy and a greater degree of safety. INFINI has the right combination of the transmission of energy through the insulated microneedle tips and variable depths taken together with the flexible balance between power levels and exposure times,making INFINI the ideal "RF Skin Tightener" at the present time. In our hands we have used it effectively for a broad list of indications including acne scars2, skin tightening2 on the body, and improving the fine lines and wrinkles of facial skin. "

Steven Weiner, MD, USA


"Infini provides effective treatment with minimal downtime. Patients can leave the office with minimal redness in the area of treatment that is easily camouflaged. They appreciate the ability to resume their normal activities quickly. Patients notice results progressively over time, the skin changes being gradual but significant. It is colorblind technology… it does not discriminate by skin type or if skin is tanned, it works well regardless. Infini builds collagen over time in multiple tissue planes to improve skin texture2, wrinkling and acne scarring2."

Melanie Palm, MD, USA

1Individual results may vary.
2Not an FDA cleared indication

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